Friday, May 26, 2017

On Seeing A Flock Of Long Billed Corellas

Of feathers as white as the new fallen snow
They live to a great age this much of them i do know
Up to a century of years ornithologists do say
Big white cockatoos i do see often though not every day
In the Moyne Shire they live in large flocks sometimes of one hundred or more
Digging in the paddocks for bulbs and grubs with their long hooked beaks almost impossible to ignore
Though they are quite common within their small range
It is said that their numbers are dwindling due to Climate Change
With red feathers around the face distinctive from other cockatoos in appearance and call
They are to be seen in large flocks in Summer and all through the Fall
In Winter and Spring in cavities in tall trees a few white eggs the female do lay
High above the ground from predators well hidden away
Though so little about them i can claim to know
My wonderment of them it only does grow.

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