Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Men

Some men are burly, broad shouldered and tall
And some men slightly built on the side of small
And some men in their ways one might say quite rough
And some men are arrogant and like to act tough

All sorts of men in the World of today
Men are heterosexual, bisexual and gay
To their partners or spouses not all men faithful stay
But then of women the same one can say

Some men think they are a gift to woman kind
To others they do feel superior in their own mind
Narcissistic in their ways is how they do seem
And very much superior in their own sense of high self esteem

Some men are caring and compassionate and kind
And to the helping of those doing it tough are readily inclined
Of people they are indeed a special breed
And of more of their sort the Human World is in need

Some women will tell you all men are the same
And for most of the sins against females that males are to blame
And like you will find decaying trees in most every wood
Not all men are bad and not all women are good.

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