Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stephen Collins Foster

He was arguably the greatest songwriter of the U S of A
Many of the songs of Stephen Foster are loved and sung Worldwide today
Jeanie Of The Light Brown Hair, Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home and Old Black Joe
Just four of the many famous songs of Stephen foster from many decades ago

In eighteen sixty four on his thirty seventh year Stephen Collins Foster passed away
But that most of his songs have long outlived him is proof of his greatness one can say
He died a very poor man without any money to his name
Yet in his songs today he is living his is an enduring fame

Oh Susanna, Hard Times and Gentle Annie his list of great songs go on and on
Such a great musical wordsmith of decades now in the long gone
Yet sad to say this amazing songwriter died when in his writing prime
But many of his songs today are living they have stood the test of time

To the World's great songwriters his name surely does belong
Stephen Collins Foster of Lawrenceville Pennsylvania wrote many a memorable song
That he died in New York City without a penny to his name
For a man of such great talent this does seem and awful shame.

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