Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Gene Of Survival

People for success with each other compete every day
This is how it is and will be and and has always been this way
Call it the survival gene in us humans or call it what you may
On how we live and behave Nature does have a say
The gene of survival that makes us compete
To be the best in our neighborhood and best on our street
And makes us dream of being best in the World of all others ahead
And be remembered for centuries as a great like all of the legendary long dead
It is our gene of survival gives us sexual drive
That through our offspring our d n a will survive
Well into the future when the last breath of life from us has gone
Our genes in our descendants will be living on
To be best in the World begins with the desire to be best on our street
It is the gene of survival that makes us with each other compete.

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