Monday, May 8, 2017

The God Within The Great God

I am just an ordinary fellow with a mind not free of sin
But the god i do believe in is known as the god within
Yet i do have the feeling that this god is far from me
Such a god not in the cynical who look at life negatively
The god within is in all people who treat everyone as the same
Who are kind and understanding and never call one out of name
People who are always willing for to help the financially down
Though they are the unsung heroines and heroes of every village, city and town
These are not the sort of people who crowds of admirers do win
But they have kindness and compassion and they have their god within
If everyone were like them how great to live in the World would be
Instead of war and hunger we would have love and harmony
In me plenty room for self improvement in truth i can only say
And the god within the great god from me is far away.

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