Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Legend Of Henry Lawson

In his poems, songs and stories he is living today
The legend of Henry Lawson will never fade away
With words he was one who did love to play
And he did live his writings of him one can say

Addicted to alcohol for most of his life
He became estranged from his family and wife
Writers like he was to say the least rare
With Australia's best literary figures he is one to compare

In his not long lifetime he achieved great fame
Today Henry Lawson's remains a great literary name
But he was one on himself who made life tough
For years he was homeless and lived and slept rough

He stood on the summit of literary renown
But he died poor and broke and financially down
Those who for comfort on alcohol depend
For themselves in life are not making a friend

A marvelous short story writer and a renowned poet
Henry Lawson's name lives on as one of literary note
His amazing stories and excellent rhyme
Have not been diminished by the passing of time.

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