Monday, May 22, 2017

They Call This Murphy's Law

Life for you it is not kind you keep drawing the short straw
Another unpleasant no luck day they call this Murphy's Law
The factory you worked in with the liquidator from them you have drawn your last pay
It has been awhile since the lady of luck has been smiling your way
With a wife and three young children to support and luck not on your side
Any welfare from the government will not do anything for your sense of pride
Tomorrow you begin your search for a job start in a town where jobs are few
But life's trials and tribulations to you are nothing new
When luck it is not with you in life it is hard to win
And the will to battle on against the odds it does come from within
More bad news for you today to take home to your wife
All you can do is live in hope for better things in life
Once again luck not on your side you have drawn the short straw
More bad news for you today they call this Murphy's Law.

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