Wednesday, May 17, 2017

True Greatness

True greatness does not come from the barrel of a gun
Or of the medals you have won or of how fast you can run
Or of the size of your home or your new car
Or of how wealthy and famous a person you are

You cannot be great if to the feelings of others you are blind
For greatness is only of the compassionate and kind
The people who have love in them with others are willing to share
They depict what is greatness and their sort are rare

They are not great people those who abuse their power
Like the weeds of the garden who stifle every flower
On their climb to so called greatness they have dragged others down
There are many casualties on the hill to renown

Your idea of what greatness is quite different to mine
As different as whiskey it does taste from wine
Your heroes and heroines are not so to me
Suppose for to differ we have to agree

We all have our role models one must suppose
So many admire people with lots of money wearing expensive clothes
As for me my heroes and heroines are loving, caring and kind
And to help those in need of their helping are readily inclined.

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