Monday, May 1, 2017

Willy Wagtails

In Australian paddocks and town parks and gardens quite a common sight
Willy wagtails also known as Australian nightingales since they sometimes sing at night
Of humans they never show any great fear
Before they fly off them you can approach near
Familiar Australians to be seen Nationwide
In city and town parks and paddocks of the countryside
Black and white feathers Australians with ways of their own
For their cockiness and bravery they are widely known
Their long black tails they always do wag to and fro
It is said their way of flushing insects to catch this well may be so
Territorial and aggressive and quite brave for their size
I have often seen them mobbing far bigger birds like crows and magpies
Indigenous feathered Australians they live Nationwide
In city and town parks and in the countryside.

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