Monday, May 8, 2017

You Got To Be In It To Win

You are feeling quite a bit down lately for nothing is going your way
The boss of the factory you work in has refused your request for a raise in pay
With a wife and two children to support and your house mortgaged to the bank
It is never easy to feel happy when you are low in the social rank
Today you should buy a lotto ticket your turn of luck may be in
Tonight is the night of a jackpot and millions in money you might win
To win it you have got to be in it and you may be the one to win big tonight
And tomorrow you may be celebrating and laughing aloud in delight
You can buy a lotto ticket for under ten dollars the price of a few stubbies of beer
And you may be tonight's big jackpot winner the one with good reason for cheer
Tonight some one will be very lucky and who knows the lucky one may be you
A big win would end all of your worries and with such a big win you could do
Tonight a big jackpot in lotto but you got to be in it to win
You can buy a ticket for under ten dollars and who knows your luck may be in.

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