Monday, June 12, 2017

A Place To Call Home

We all have a town or a city or a place to call home
To some it is Paris or London or Rome
Or Moscow or Sydney, Dublin, Montreal or L A
To them remain home though from there they live far away

For us all there is a place where we first saw light of day
Though some did not remain there for to grow old and gray
They left for adventure and to live from home far away
And in their adopted home feel content to live and stay

To some home is Christchurch or Rio in Brazil
And though they left in their prime years of their own free will
To seek a new life and adventure from their first home elsewhere
When they answered the call of the big World out there

To some home is Berlin or Tokyo in Japan
Though from there they grow old as a woman or man
And to some home is Capetown, Amsterdam or New York
And home to me is Claraghatlea in Millstreet County Cork.

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