Friday, June 16, 2017

A Refugee

His mind destroying memories have kept him from sleep
He has heard grown men sobbing and grieving mothers weep
For their murdered children in his home city afar
The victims of terrorism as a postscript to war

Perhaps in his lifetime happiness he will never find
The terrible memories that weigh on his mind
Human blood in puddles and human limbs by the impact of the bomb torn apart
In his home suburb that was quite peaceful before the war did start

Of his terrible memories he will never be free
It was fear for his life that caused him to flee
His homeland shores as a boat refugee
And live with his nightmares of the terrible things he did see

His journey south he thought would be a safer haven for him has not worked out this way
He is in an Island detention center for the long stay
He is not a terrorist or one who never would be
Just one who is a victim of the darker side of humanity

In his mid twenties in the prime of his life
Without any children or a partner or wife
To want a safer life is his only crime
But in an Island detention center he may remain for a long time

The future for him it is not looking bright
Haunted by his past he does not sleep well at night
The story of his life he may never get to tell
This young man who fled south of his Earthly hell.

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