Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Blind Helen And Jill

A pair out walking i often do meet
Whenever i am in the park by main street
Blind Helen and Jill her black labrador friend
For visual guidance on her she entrust and depend

To Helen and Helen only Jill's loyalty belong
The bond of trust between them it is strong
On their feelings of love and loyalty to their masters dogs never lie
Jill will love Helen till the day she does die

Helen in her thirties does not have children or a partner or was never anyone' s wife
Having Jill as her friend the great joy of her life
Jill more than a seeing eye dog to her is the greatest friend she has ever known
Since receiving her as a pup from the seeing eye dog foundation their bond of love and trust has grown

In her three years old labrador Helen has a true friend indeed
Since Jill remains true to the history of the faithfulness of her breed
In the park them out walking i often do see
As well as her visual guidance her constant companion and one who offers her love and loyalty.

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