Sunday, June 11, 2017

For Every Winner There Are Losers

For every winner there are losers this is life as the wise one does say
But your turn will come for winning for you there will be a better day
In the World there are many losers and big winners only in the few
I am only saying what is factual and this is not anything new
For every millionaire many poor people life it is always this way
The happy winners celebrating for them many a loud hooray
Suppose we all cannot be winners though losing none ever does choose
The winners are happy and smiling it is not a nice feeling to lose
Young John the artist is smiling one of his paintings has won a regional art prize
A winners prize of two thousand dollars a happy glint in his brown eyes
Like every winner he is smiling he is flushed with the joys of success
So many now do wish to know him a winner never fails to impress
Today you were not a winner but hope in you for better not dead
And as is said hope springs eternal and better days of you ahead.

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