Thursday, June 1, 2017

He Told Me

He told me i am not a good writer my rhymes are sloppy and rough
Which is deflating to my ego to think i am not good enough
Though of course i have human feelings which he did not seem to realize
Some people who think they are clever in their divulged thoughts are not very wise
But the criticism of so called experts will not stop me from rhyming only make me more determined to keep rhyming on
I will rhyme for as long as i can write though my best years in life are long gone
Though written and verbal attacks hurt my feelings since i am human after all
Some people though well educated in their words do prove themselves as small
His words on me far more than critical were spoken for to cause offense
For one deemed as well educated he seems to lack in common sense
For education does not make one a nicer person since niceness does come from within
Those who in their words do offend you will never have you as a friend
When he told me i was not a good writer he was telling me something i already knew
On saying some in their words can be deliberately offensive is not saying anything that is new.

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