Saturday, June 17, 2017

It Is Not Up To You

You may be only in your twenties healthy and carefree
But on the length of your life there is no guarantee
Healthy young people are dying in accidents every day
On how long you will live is something you cannot say
This morning a young husband and father he was only twenty three
His body laid to rest in the local cemetery
An on the job accident cost him his life
He leaves a baby daughter and a grieving young wife
He would never have thought that at a young age he would die
But that death can come to the young as well as the old is not a lie
Some live to die old and some die as babies or teenagers and some in their lives prime
Death it can come to one at anytime
You may die in your twenties or at one hundred and two
On how long you live it is not up to you.

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