Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Memories In Time

My memories in time do go back quite a span
To where i was born and raised and lived as a young man
Some very old memories to me remain as a source of joy
Of the nineteen fifties when i was a boy

When the winds of late Winter were blowing cold air
The travelers parked their horse drawn vans at at Shannaknock cross for the first of March horse fair
That is annually held in the Town of Millstreet
A day in Duhallow where the friends do meet

Around their camp fires at night they danced played music and sung
A memory to savor of when i was young
Nowadays in Ireland no traveler horse drawn vans on any roadway
Time with it brings changes as the wise one does say

The years come and go and few things stay the same
And time that outlives any material success and fame
Does bring with it changes as the years go by
Why this happens to be so no need to ask why

The Irish travelers at the Shannaknock cross now a fading memory
Of the Ireland of the nineteen fifties and the what used to be
The young boys and girls back then are now showing time's decay
Few things stay as they were and time ticking away.

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