Friday, June 2, 2017

Myself To Blame

Since i have been doing it for many a day
Seems a bit late for me now to give rhyming away
Some four decades of years past my physical prime
Writing rhyme i feel for me is a huge waste of time

Far too many years of my life to writing of rhyme i did devote
Yet i remain as an amateur writer unworthy of literary note
At the average life span of human males of ten years with three score
Something i enjoy doing and little else more

It is not for my lack of literary renown
That of late i have been feeling mentally down
My greatest achievement in life does seem small
In any way one not successful at all

Not financially well off and a stranger to fame
For my lack of success i have myself to blame
My physical best years are in the long gone
And the clock on my life ever keeps ticking on.

1 comment:

  1. sorry you feel that way francis. lots here love your insight into bygone days in millstreet. it sparks happy memories, it brings joy to their days.
    regret is something i don't like to dwell on myself. i am where i am, i like to just carry on as best with what's around me, make myself and those around smile when ever i can.
    stay well, michael