Friday, June 16, 2017

Some People Are

Some people are arrogant and so few are wise
And some people really believe their own lies
And i am not saying anything that is in any way new
When i say down to earth people are of the few

Of the kind and compassionate the World is in need of more
Yet of the admired they are never to the fore
They like helping people who are doing it tough
In trying to make the World for all better to live in they are doing more than enough

Some people are narcissistic self absorbed one might say
The look at me syndrome the in thing of the day
Their own praises they only wish for to sing
Too much love of self is not a healthy thing

Though sad to say now as ever they are rare
The people who have love in them for to share
They are indeed beautiful people to know
And they have been blessed with the bright inner glow

Some people are humble and shy in their way
And for themselves never have that much to say
Not good at making friends though they do not have foes
It does take all kinds one does have to suppose

Some people are generous whilst others are known for their greed
And some are patriotic whilst others are extreme in their views a dangerous breed
There are good and bad people in the World of today
It is now as it was and will always be this way.

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