Friday, June 30, 2017

Spring Far Away

Good memories of what was i only retain
In fancy i walk in the old fields again
When the mild breeze of Spring from the mountain is blowing
And among the rank rushes the male pheasant is crowing

Such beauty comes to me when i visualize
Scents and sights and sounds of Nature that to pleasure gives rise
Of where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
Such memories that are always a source of joy

Such beautiful sights i revisit today
The hawthorns cloaked in their white blooms of May
Out of wintering sheds from months of eating silage and hay
The contented cattle on lush grass chewing their cuds do lay

Bluebells, primroses and snowdrops on the ditch of every bohreen
And deciduous trees looking leafy and green
The fields looking resplendent after recent showers
A sight of great beauty in their Nature's flowers

The great gift of memory is such a wonderful thing
When i visualize i can hear the birds sing
In the quiet of the evening of a pleasant day
In a leafy grove in Spring far away.

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