Friday, June 23, 2017

The Big Fellow Matt

A giant of a fellow broad shouldered Matt
He is one of those blokes who has been there and done that
He has shorn sheep in Queensland laid pipes in Ballarat
On his muscular body not one ounce of fat

In his twenty fifth year in the prime of his life
He does not have children or he does not have a wife
Though in his travels in the countryside up and down
He does have a young woman in every town

With long dark hair and dark beard he is physically strong
One kind in his ways who would not do you wrong
Though he does not like fighting when put to the test
He has never been known to come out second best

Though in many towns his is a well known face
He never does stay that long in any place
To settle in one place one never inclined
The lust of the wander is in his young mind

Hard work to him is not anything new
He has worked on building sites and many a concreting crew
He has drunk beer in pubs from Cairns to Ararat
One who lives for travel the big fellow Matt.

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