Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Man From The Big World Out There

He drove into town just a few weeks ago the man from the big World out there
This morning he drives on the highway again on a journey to some other where
He worked for a local builder for a few weeks on Friday when he drew his pay
He told the boss he will not be with him next week tomorrow he will be on his way
To another town he does like the look of where he might live and work for awhile
He does not have worries as some do have and he finds it quite easy for to smile
A handsome young man in the prime of his life of shoulder length dark hair and eyes of light brown
He is never short of female company he finds one in every town
He does not have children that he does know of at least this is what he does say
Since in any town he does not stay very long a month for him is a long stay
For a long term relationship he does not feel the need of having a partner or wife
He is very happy to live as he lives a travelling carefree sort of life
At mid morning today he drove out of the town the young man from the big World out there
The bug of the wander in him is quite strong he does not belong to anywhere.

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