Friday, June 9, 2017

The Octogenarian Stan

All he has are memories of the long ago
His biological clock keeps ticking on time has become his foe
In the nineteen fifties and sixties in his prime a handsome looking man
The years catch up on everyone as they have caught up on Stan

Tall and muscular and well built when his hair was light brown
He was the man in demand by the young beauties of the town
He does not have children that he knows of or he never had a wife
Though he is one who did have many women in his life

In his eighties living on his own time on him ticking fast
He has only memories of his good days of the past
Shoulders drooped and balding head and hair of silver gray
Not the man he used to be youth with none does stay

The years on his body does show and time keeps ticking fast
And all he has are memories of the long gone past
Of every time he walked on the street young women looked his way
When walking in the town he goes almost unnoticed today

He is not the handsome man that he used to be
One who truly looks his years of four score and three
In his prime the pin up male of the town the octogenarian Stan
Time that does rusts iron has made him an old man.

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