Saturday, June 24, 2017

This Is How It Is

In Countries in Europe and in Countries such as Australia and the U S of A
People are dying and being badly injured in acts of terrorism often though not every day
People who were unluckily in the wrong place and there at the wrong time
Have fallen victims of the perpetrators of terrorism such a foul crime
That humanity does have a dark side to it is not a lie
In Countries in Africa and the Middle East in war and terrorism every day people are injured and die

In Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq thousands of people in war and terrorism have died
So much destruction and suffering and so many dreams have been destroyed
But then if somebody wishes to harm you they can and they will
And people with extreme views can turn criminals and for their beliefs do kill
Some extreme in their thinking have darkness of mind
And on inflicting suffering on others only joy they do find

These mindless acts of terrorism that a century of time may well span
At the Twin Towers in the great City of New York began
That has escalated since this needless declared war on Iraq
And a life from once taken to life cannot be brought back
And sadly those who create conflicts for their part in them are never made for to pay
This is how it is and suppose will always be this way.

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