Monday, June 19, 2017

To Rid The World Of Them

To rid the World of them those who hate them do strive
They have been poisoned and shot at but the wild rabbits survive
Humans have tried their best for to wipe them out
But that they are great survivors of this little doubt

Why they are great at surviving seems obviously clear
One female rabbit can give birth to forty young a year
That they cannot be got rid of this the main reason why
In numbers they are quick for to multiply

They have survived clavixal virus and myxomatosis they are a hardy breed
Wild rabbits they are great survivors indeed
In all sorts of environments they do seem to thrive
They are renowned for their hardiness and their sexual drive

In some places in large numbers they do abound
They do damage to crops and dig holes in the ground
To rid Mother Earth of them some have valiantly tried
But they remain as a pest to human kind Worldwide.

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