Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wife Beaters

Some of them at home enjoy beating their wives
The materially successful who lead so called honorable lives
Wife beaters they are of every social rank
They can be multi millionaire c e o's or managers of a big bank

Disrespect for women transcends religious borders it does not have a religion, color or creed
Though the Human World of these sort of males is not or will never be of in need
The honorable man of any social rank lives an honorable life
He would never contemplate beating his wife

Some males in their women do not inspire love of them only fear
Too many stories of male violence against women we read of and hear
Though female violence against males is not of the unknown
Gender violence of any form in self loathing is sown

Those into domestic violence suffer of low self esteem
And male violence in comparison to violence by women far more common it does seem
And though in the wealthy and the poorer classes they are to be found
Wife beaters in large numbers do not abound.

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