Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Your Dog Will Always Love You

Your dog will always love you your dog your greatest friend
He or she to you devoted until their life will end
For unrequited love your dog does not ask much of you a few pats and every day a good feed
For a lifetime of love and loyalty this is all your dog does need
It is a simple fact of life and fact does never lie
Your dog to you will remain true until she or he does die
You may lose the love of your children or the love of your wife
But your dog who never judge you will remain your friend for life
So many stories of loyalty to their master of dogs we read and hear
A dog to help it's master in distress lose all fear
To save the life of one they love dogs have been known to die
The fact is than your dog you do not have a truer friend and fact does never lie
Until she or he does breathe their last your dog stays true to you
And they never harbor any grudge for any wrong you do.

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