Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Hero To Me

As he struggles to cope with financial worries and stress
He feels so unhappy his life in a mess
His wife in an asylum feeling mentally unwell
At present life for him it is Earthly Hell

He worries for his school-going son and daughter of nine and of ten
Sometimes life can be unkind to honest hard working men
He has to support himself and his children on average take home pay
He knows how it feels like to survive from day to day

Yet despite his troubles and worries he never complain
And hope for the better for the future he is one who retain
And though he worries for his children and the mental health of his wife
He must carry on with his battles of life

He has never been to fight in a war far away
But he has his own battles to fight every day
It is not out of his sort that heroes are made
And for him and those like him never a street parade

A hero to me is this man among men
Who works and on his own raises his children of nine and ten
His wife in a mental home feeling unwell
Yet he battles on in his own private hell.

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