Thursday, July 6, 2017

Big And Rugged Mo

Quite a hardened brawler big and rugged Mo
And trouble goes with him to wherever he go
To a brawl in a bar he does never say no
It can be said of him that he is his own greatest foe

The lessons of life to him of no avail
For fighting in pubs he has spend time in jail
He has been in bar brawls in many a town
His problem when challenged he cannot back down

In his late twenties in the prime of his life
He does not have children or he does not have a wife
His travels have taken him to places far and wide
He has worked on city building sites and in towns of the countryside

With long straggly black hair and a fuzzy black beard
A broad shouldered giant and a man to be feared
Yet kind in some ways to those in need of money he does give or lend
And to many down in their luck he has been a good friend

And it does seem that Mo is becoming a changed man
Six months without a brawl for him quite a time span
Though in brawling he has never known of defeat
In over a hundred pub fights he has never been beat

His problem is he will not back down from a fight
And with his big fists he tries to put it right
But there is a kind side to the big burly bloke
He is one who does help the financially broke.

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