Sunday, July 2, 2017

God's Criminal Police

Though in large numbers they are not known to abound
Among god's police a few paedophiles to be found
Criminals disguised as devout who are sick in the brain
The mental scars in their young victims their lifetimes to remain
Some of the young victims of god's criminal police from their horrific experiences mentally destroyed
Have brought to an end at a young age their mental suffering in the act of suicide
That some so called good people have a dark side to them is so sad for to say
On the innocence of children who trusted them these sexual predators did prey
Though most of god's police are good and devout people indeed
And in their acts of kindness and compassion sow karma's good seed
But among them a few very bad people as well
Who subject children in their care to an earthly hell
And even the very thought of it is so very sad
To realize that among many good people there are a few very bad.

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