Saturday, July 15, 2017

He Called Me A Sexist Writer

He called me a sexist writer of cliches and quite lazy as well
With his words he condemned me to the poetasters earthly hell
A poet and a literary critic one who likes to have his say
One quite opinionated some people are this way
But he is not my worst literary critic as this happens to be me
Yet i do not judge the writings of others though flaws in their works i may see
Some people in their words all too willing for to drag others down
And sad to say their sort not rare nowadays in any town
Those who in their words lack empathy the point in live and let live do miss
And such people seem ignorant but ignorance can be bliss
Those who feel that they have the right others to unfavorably criticize
To what they preceive as unfavorable criticism of themselves to the anger in them gives rise
He called me a writer of cliches and sexist with my words as well
Perhaps on his own writing he would be better off to dwell.

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