Wednesday, July 5, 2017


A grandfather ten times his hair silver gray
Jim he has known of a far better day
For thirty years married to Glenda his verbally abusive wife
He feels happy growing old without her in his life

Sixteen years ago fore a younger lover she walked out on him
But without her life has been far happier for Jim
Falling in love with her for him not a good choice
He feels happier to be rid of her nagging voice

Since Glenda left him of happier times he has known
And he feels content on growing old on his own
At the local pub where his face is a familiar sight
He enjoys a few beers with his mates every night

For one in his mid seventies he is looking and feeling okay
Jim an amiable fellow in his own quiet way
Far happier now than when in his life's prime
More content in his mind than at any time

Since Glenda left life has been better for Jim
With her caustic words she was so cruel to him
His happy times with her only lasted for a few years
And memories of lost love never moves him to tears.

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