Sunday, July 9, 2017

John Shaw Neilson Wrote Poems

In the country Victoria Town of Nhill back then miles from anywhere
John Shaw Neilson wrote poems of the country out there
And Native Companions Dancing better known as brolgas by name
Though long deceased his poems do have an enduring fame

In the South Australian Town of Penola John Shaw Neilson first saw light of day
With words he is one who surely had a way
He left primary school at a young age to labor for his living pay
That poets are born mot made only seems true to say

In his seventieth year he died without children or a wife
He was one who did not have an easy life
In Nhill the Neilson Cottage preserved to honor the renown
Of the poet who brought fame to the old Mallee Town

Despite having to labor for his livelihood and knowing of poverty
His name lives today as a great of poetry
An honorable person one of great humility
The greatest ever poet of the great Mallee

The John Shaw Neilsons of the World to say the least rare
With lovers of poetry his beautiful gift he did share
The last breath of life from his body long gone
But the poems he wrote today are living on.

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