Monday, July 17, 2017

Old Michel

Old Michel often sits on a coastal park bench watching the waves dance
Reminds him of his younger years in his coastal hometown in France
Though in this southern Country for sixty years or more
The nostalgia still in him for the homeland shore

A gray haired great grandfather divorced from Lena his wife
Michel he has led an adventurous life
He has been to many great cities traveled far and wide
Though time that decays is no longer on his side

Growing old far from the town where he first looked on the lamp of day
In his early twenties his yearn for travel from there lured him away
As a boy his dream was to travel to great Lands elsewhere
And visit great cities in the big World out there

Though he may never see the shores of France again
Good memories of what was in him does remain
As a boy on Summer evenings often after tea
He would enjoy watching the waves dance their way to the beach from the sea

The things that he used to do as a boy
Far south of his hometwon today he enjoy
Like watching the waves for an hour sometimes more
Dancing their way on to the sandy shore.

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