Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To Make The World Better To Live In

Though time that rusts iron has become my foe
I live as a better person now than i was years ago
In that i am less selfish and spend less time thinking of me
Some of the flaws i have nowadays i can see

To be kinder and more compassionate should never be a sin
To make the world better to live in with yourself you begin
You can live as a better person by not trying to drag others down
In your desire for personal success on your side of the town

That too much love of self can lead to narcissism would you not agree?
Whilst a healthy form of self love can lead to kindness and generosity
A healthy love of self can make you a better person only true for to say
Those willing to give always receive in some other way

I can make the World better to live in yes i can indeed
By helping anybody of my helping in need
Those willing to give in other ways can expect to receive
On this i am one who does firmly believe.

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