Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Were I To Be Reborn To Life

Were i to be reborn to life i would like it to be in Brazil
A legend of the World game of football with marvelous ball control and skill
A brown skinned Worldwide legend of sport admired as the Nation's favorite son
The goal from my deadly left boot the World cup for Brazil won

A pin up male of beautiful young women Worldwide and a truly great of the game
As good as the legendary Pele and mine would be an enduring fame
The footballer the fans flock to see the one many of wish to know
So skilled and nimble of foot my reputation only does grow

Far greater than the life i now live with nothing for my time to show
One of the most ordinary sort with nothing about for to crow
You can be a pope or a president a billionaire a queen or a king
You can transcend your reality of mind in your imagination you can be anything

Were i to be reborn into life i would drive around in a big car
A football legend of Brazil and a Worldwide renowned sporting star
Though it is just imagination gone wild and wishful thinking some would say
It is good for the mind to daydream to escape the reality of a boring day.

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