Monday, November 15, 2010

Birds From Once Familiarized With

I wake to the voices of birds every day
Most of them by their songs or their chirps to their identity a give away
The voices of the house sparrows one could never mistake
They chirp all day long to nightfall from daybreak
The flute of the Aussie magpie so pleasant to hear
The black and white bird who sing every day of the year
The song of the blackbird can be heard in the Spring
For to proclaim their borders the male birds do sing
The harsh squawking of the white cockatoo and long drawn out cawing of the pale eyed crow
Species by their voices that everyone does know
And though many species of birds are familiar to many as well as to me
There's far more to the bird than one does hear and see
Most of them familiar to many by their chirp, call or song
Birds from once familiarized with one cannot get wrong.

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