Thursday, April 2, 2020

That We Become Our Own Thoughts

That we become our own thoughts would you not agree
The beauty in your mind in others you do see
Your genuine love of self in self does not stay
You share it with others that you meet every day
The most compassionate person on our street has a beautiful mind
Her genuine love of self towards others makes her loving and kind
Every day for herself she plants Karma's good seed
By helping people of her help in need
For the helping of others she never receives honour or pay
Due to her genuine love of self to help others she goes out of her way
The love she has in her with others she does share
Sadly her sort nowadays in the World are rare
That we become our own thoughts happens to be true
The beauty you see in olthers is the beauty in you.

2020 Will Be Remembered

Among Worldwide human populations causing death and fear
2020 will be remembered as the year
Of Coronavirus or COVID-19
Few places in the World that to it has not been
A virus that from it there seems nowhere to hide
And for to avoid it you need luck on your side
And many of those who survive it healthwise may never again be the same
This terrible virus that has more than one name
In damper and cooler climates it seems for to thrive
And many over seventy who contracts it the affects of it may not survive
In Wuhan in China it supposedly began
This virus that has brought a premature end to many a human life span
2020 will be remembered as the year many people died
Of a terrible virus in Countries Worldwide.

Where Narcissism For So Many

On the ladder of Worldly success you have climbed far
You own a big new home and drive an expensive car
But on how you treat others says more about you
Than what in life for your own self that you do

Others on the hill of success have slid down
For you to become the materially wealthiest person in the town
Many of those with money as their god are in spiritual poverty
Though with such an opinion many would disagree

Those who live for self only from their higher self further away
Than the kind and compassionate who perform good deeds every day
But these are the people further from Worldwide renown
Than the wealthy celebrities of the big town

As these are the people many do admire
And of singing their praises never seem to tire
And it is a sad Human World one has to say
Where narcissism for so many does seem to pay.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Duhallow Spring

On The Boggeragh Ranges not one trace of snow
As the cool winds of Spring in Duhallow do blow
And the nesting birds singing on trees and on every hedgerow
In the green countryside where the Blackwater flow

Spring in Duhallow is a green time of year
As the weather grows warmer with the Summer drawing near
The swallows home to breed for their annual five to six months stay
Above the fields on pursuit of flying insect prey

Out of farmyard sheds from months of eating silage and hay
On nutritious young grass cattle gaining weight by the day
And the migratory nest parasite cuckoo it's voice familiar to hear
Is quite unmistakeable and pleasantly clear

Hidden among the rank rushes the male pheasant crow
Of the offsprings he fathers he will never know
And the piping of the curlew for to hear quite a beautiful thing
A fond memory to retain of a Duhallow Spring

The territorial drumming of the male snipe as darkness cloaks the sky
As above his marshy breeding territory to and fro he does fly
Memories of a Duhallow Spring a lifetime does remain
In visualizations for to visit again.

He Achieved His Wish

As an angler it does seem he has made his mark
On his boat a photograph of him holding a dead gummy shark
In the local newspaper on his face a big smile
This ought to serve his ego well for awhile
A photograph with an article on his lounge room wall to hang on display
For to remind him and his children and his friends of his glorious day
When to his boat he reeled a big fish in
For his record catch  an angling first prize win
And on his mantlepiece the angling trophy is on show
Of his winning day fishing he wants others to know
That our successes in life can become an extension of our egos only true to say
That most of us crave the admiration of others it does seem this way
Photographed in his boat with his prize winning fish
On winning the angling competition he achieved his wish.

John Masefield

John Masefield was a Poet Laureate of England one of the greatest writers of his time
The poems live on for their descriptive beauty of this man who did write long stories in rhyme
Dauber, Reynard The Fox and The Daffodil Fields to read enjoyable these long narratives poems by so many have been read
Of the master rhyming wordsmith of the twentieth century his poems live on though he is long with the dead

When read his poetry live on in the memory on page he brought to life interesting characters to meet
In Right Royal, Lollingdon Downs and Rosas and the memorable Widow Of The By Street
There will never again be a poet quite like him the rhymes must have been bubbling in his brain
Truly an amazing story teller among the great poets his place he does retain

His enjoyable to read Saltwater Ballads as a writer helped to make him better known
To most other poets in writing style he was so different one can say he was in a class of his own
And yet he  did not die as a wealthy fellow from writing he just earned a living pay
He was one of those who truly lived his poetry one can say of him he came up the hard way

John Masefield was from Ledbury in England one who ventured far from his home countryside
As a young man he went to sea as a sailor working on cargo ships he travelled far and wide
He later became the Poet Laureate of England with rhyme one who did have a way
A master wordsmith of meter and rhyming not many of his sort living today.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Good Health Next To Life

Due to this pandemic of  COVID-19 which to Worldwide fear does give rise
How important their health is many have come to realize
Though the praises of money many may sing
To human beings good health next to life the most important thing
Life is the greatest gift anyone does possess
Far greater than any form of material success
And for to maintain  life in the body one does need good health
These two far more important to anyone than material wealth
The fact is no greater gift than life and fact never lie
Some infected by COVID-19 are doomed for to die
I would much prefer to be poor than materially wealthy and on a hospital bed lay
With COVID-19 on my life's final day
Due to COVID-19 many taken on their final drive
It is such a good feeling to be healthy and alive.