Monday, March 1, 2021

Halls Gap Of The Geriwerd

 Halls Gap of the Geriwerd Ranges is such a beautiful place
With strong links that go back thousands of years to Australia's first race
Of indigenous people whose hidden graves lay
Somewhere by the treed hills of stone their bones resting today
A beautiful Town to visit at any time of year
To Earthly Utopia old Halls Gap is near
Surrounded by wild natural beauty in the stony treed hills all around
In and around Halls Gap many species of wildlife abound
To tourists of many Nations a place that is well known
Halls Gap  of the Geriwerd has a natural charm of it's own
Where the ghosts of long deceased indigenous people remain
A feeling that is way beyond me to explain
A place of great wild natural beauty to behold
Halls Gap of the Geriwerd in time very old.

What The Tiny Voice Said

 I did give some thought on giving rhyming away
But a tiny voice in me in a whisper did say
Your best days in life may be in the long gone
But why give up on what you love doing just keep rhyming on
You were born into life to be a rhymer this is what you are meant to do
And though there are many far better rhymers than you
Just carry on doing what you enjoy doing most of all
Though your name will never appear in a memorial wall
Just keep the rhymes flowing though you are in your life's Fall
For this is your life's calling so keep on answering the call
In rhyming for you no financial gain
But for as long as the urge to rhyme in you remain
Just carry on rhyming you will be forever dead
This is what the tiny voice in me in a whisper said.

Memory Is Our Own Only Link To The Past

 Memory is our only link to the past
And on looking back the Seasons time does go so fast
Each day we do live one nearer to our last day
And our biological clocks on us ticking away
All over the World in every village and city and town
For many this evening will be their last sundown
Us humans like all other life forms are mortals this is not a lie
And we are born into life to eventually die
We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
And the toddler does rise again after a fall
In life there are happy times as well as the sad
But then one must accept the good with the bad
Memory is our only link to the past
We age by the day and time does go fast.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Australian Ground Thrushes

 On forests paths if you are walking sometimes them you might see
Dark brown mottled grey breasted birds of the Australian thrush family
Australian ground thrushes they are mostly known of by name
And their beautiful flute like song one of their claims to fame
In untidy bowl like nest of bark and rootlets in fork of tree
The female lay greenish freckled eggs of two or three
Mostly shy and quiet birds who find their food on the ground with  ways of their own
Australian ground thrushes are not that well known
I have never seen them in gardens or parks of a town
One reason they remain as strangers to bird renown
If you are walking on a forest track of one you may catch sight
And their rather pleasant song can be a source for delight
They are not well known because they live in wooded places and can be quite shy
But of their true worth as fine songsters none of them should deny.

I Have Been To Many A City And Town

 I have been to many a city and town
And have mixed with all races of black, white and brown
But in a World where billions of people for success does compete
The good and not so good in every race one does meet
Take people as you find them as the wise one does say
This is how it is and will always be this way
No such a thing as a superior race is obviously clear
Those who entertain such thoughts are racist it would appear
It is a truism of humanity indeed
That red is the blood we all shed when we bleed
And death does make equal every race and creed
In a Human World that of any more racists is not in need
Of where my life's journey began i am living far south
And i do know a bit of what living life is about.

In Nature

 In Nature every day such beauty to see
That for to view is absolutely free
The fauna and flora that is Nature's own
Yet of her and her ways so little is known
The beauty that adorns her to Mother Earth she supply
The World's greatest creative duo of them none can deny
The artists to sketch her beauty and the writers to write of her she does inspire
One can say in her there is much to admire
Such joy to so many she happens to bring
And her praises her admirers are always happy to sing
In Nature new beauty to see every day
She is quite amazing of her one can say
And the more i learn about her the more i realize
That of her i know little this not a surprise.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Praises of Friendship

 The praises of friendship so many does sing
But friendship can be an overrated thing
And some friendships do not come to a good end
She or he the rare one the loyal life time friend
Acquaintances are many but friends they are few
Perhaps this is saying something of you already knew
A good friend is one you do not gain every day
And this is only saying what is true to say
The best friend some did have today an enemy
This is how it is and how it always will be
The one without a friend may not have a foe
That human relationships have their positives and negatives happens to be so
Friendships are based on trust and trust is often betrayed
And memories of broken trust in the mind are not quick for to fade
Friendships that last a life time to say the least rare
Something that many of would be aware.