Tuesday, June 28, 2022

That Nature Is A Great Teacher

That Nature is a great teacher only true to say
Of her we does learn something new every day
Her wonders are many and her secrets not few
And every day of her we does learn something new
The more we learn of Nature the more we come to realize
That of her we know little this is not a surprise
In her flora and fauna great beauty to see
To view to the viewers that is financially free
The students and fans of Nature her praises does sing
Such joy to so many she always does bring
Yet of many more human friends she is in need
The one who helps Mother Earth to grow a beautiful flower from a tiny seed
That Nature is a great teacher as a truism remain
The meaning in this it's own self does explain.

Too Much Praise

For their physical beauty people are greatly valued but having said this so are prize winning sheep
There is a truism about physical beauty that it is something that is only skin deep
Most people wealthy and famous for their physical beauty in many ways are not nice people at all
Lacking in kindness, compassion and selflessness one may say of them on their ways quite small
Hard to blame them if they are egotistical since so many people their praises do sing
Too much praise does not give rise to humility as it can be quite an ego inflating thing
In the wealthy suburbs of any town or city selfless sort of people are quite hard to find
Among the wealthy, celebrated and famous not many of the caring and compassionate kind
In a Human World where for one to be a big winner many sad to say are destined to lose
One truism that remains about losing is it is something anyone does not choose
You will not hear of many wealthy celebrities volunteering their money and time where poor people dwell
Only the very best of good and caring people devote their time to those in Earthly Hell
Too much praise it is not good for the ego admiration can go to the admired one's head
In the minds of the egotistical the self only matter and humility sad to say is truly dead.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Carry On Living

Carry on living you will be long enough dead 
Though you have seen many Seasons there may be many more of you ahead
Quite a wealthy person you have known of financial success
But your life is the greatest gift that you possess
In the depths of winter not far from the Spring
Despite the cold weather life's a wonderful thing
In your heated room good weather for watching your favourite program on t v
You do not know it tough how good life can be
You have seen many Winters though the weather is cold
But carry on living though you are growing old
The weather as it is will not have a long stay
And Spring is drawing nearer with each passing day
Carry on living as the wise one does say
Life is a great gift well worthy of a hooray.

Why Waste Your Prayers

If you believe in an afterlife of heaven and hell
Why waste your prayers on the soul who did not live honourable and well
In an afterlife heaven their sort don't belong
The people who in their lifetime did to others wrong
Why waste your prayers on those who profit from crime
Since this in truth would be a complete waste of time
Leave them with satan for their sins to pay
They deserve to be in hell for their evermore stay
Why waste your prayers on one who bashed his partner or wife
And gave to his children a terrible life
Nothing about their sort that is honourable and brave
From satan's horror chamber prayers them will not save
Why waste your prayers on those who have lived by crime
This would seem only a great waste of time.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

June In The Moyne Shire

On a weather temperature high for the day of seven degrees
The chill of Winter and June is in the evening breeze
The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
It has only been seen for a brief while today
June in the Moyne Shire is a cool and wet time of year
Though each passing day brings the first of Spring near
To the coastal country of the Peek Wurrong
Post solstice the days in time grow slightly long
But the warbling of the birds who sing all through the year
The black and white magpies always a joy for to hear
Once seen and once heard one never again get them wrong
To the piping shrike family they does belong
In the gray of the evening in the sunless sky
The starlings in large flocks towards their roosting trees fly.


That most men abuse their partners, wives and children is just not true
This is taking from good living men what is their due
On matters like this some people tend to generalize
People who believe all they read and hear are gullible and not wise
It is true that some men abuse their children and partners and wives
And give to those who should be near and dear to them miserable lives
But these sort of males are of the few
And this is not saying anything that is new
It is true not all women are good and not all men are bad
But that good men are the victims of generalizations is to say the least sad
For the sins of the few the many have to pay
In a fair Human World it would not be this way
In the Human World for generalization there should not be a place
But you will find it in nationality, religion, culture, gender and race.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

It Is Something I Love Doing

Without hope of literary fame or money for pay
I am one of those people who write rhymes every day
But if i did not enjoy doing it in truth i can say
Years ago i would have given rhyming away
I have never referred to myself as a poet
Nor do i feel worthy of any literary note
Though i held some literary ambitions going back in time
When i was much younger in my physical prime
Every day more rhymes i happen to write
And email them on to a literary site
Going back in time to half of a century
I have penned thousands of rhymes since nineteen seventy three
It is something i love doing in truth i can say
For if i did not enjoy doing it i would have given it away.