Saturday, August 17, 2019

Our Friends And Our Foes

You have a negative outlook on life to me she did say
And you write in a very negative way
You sneer at people's joy in their success
You sure are a hard one for to impress
As a writer you are not near to good enough
Your rhymes are old fashioned and rather rough
You will never be one of literary note
And you will die as you live as a non poet
An amateur rhymer for your rhymes you never receive pay
Yet you add to your number of rhymes every day
You will always be a stranger to fame
And so few do know of you by name
She is entitled to her views one has to suppose
In life we have our friends and our foes.

Big Joe And Ann

They have been together for six decades Big Joe and Ann his wife
But things not always rosy in their married life
They often do argue but not every day
In every long term marriage all is not always loving as some tend to believe or say

She is quite a tough one the feisty ageing Ann
She never feels scared to stand up to her man
In their married life many an up and down
And their's is one of the longest lived marriages on their side of the town

With eighteen great grandchildren in the town their seed will live on
Long after the last breath of life from them has gone
In their early eighties many years past their physical prime
They have been together for quite a long time

Big Joe as his name says of him is broad shouldered and tall
And standing near him Ann looks so demure and small
But when it comes to raw courage she passes the test
In every argument with her he comes out second best

They will be together until their lives journey end
Though their marriage has not been all loving as neither of them would pretend
Joe may be ageing though he remains a big and strong man
But he has yet to win an argument against the feisty Ann.

Life The Greatest Gift

Life is your greatest gift in truth one can say
Feel happy you have woke for to greet a new day
Though luck it is not on your side of late
And in your life you have nothing to celebrate

But despite what you say life is a wonderful thing
This morning the dead did not hear the birds sing
In the gray of the dawn on the bushes and trees
Their pleasant notes carrying in the freshening breeze

In life one does have the good times and the bad
Today you are feeling down and rather sad
But hopefully the future for you better times will bring
And you do have life and this is a great thing

Life has it's days of sadness and happiness
And it's times of serenity as well as stress
As well as the disappointment of failure and the joy of success
But it is the greatest gift humans possess

That in the World there many gifted people is obviously clear
And of talented people we read of and of hear
And though their admiring fans they may impress
They share with all others life the greatest gift humans possess. 

Invasive Creatures

Myxomatosis and clavixal virus they have managed to survive
And they multiply quickly thanks to their sexual drive
Farmers and gardeners to make them extinct their best do try
But that rabbits are Nature's great survivors one cannot deny
One reason for their survival is obviously clear
One female rabbit can give birth to forty young a year
The word extinction to them will never apply
When their numbers are depleted by myxomatosis and poisoning and shooting they are quick to multiply
Every year damage by rabbits to rural communities come at a huge cost
And to infestation of rabbits and rodents so much they have lost
Rabbits cause more damage to their crops in general than rats do and mice
In a time of Climate Change invasive species to farmers and gardeners come at a huge price
They are Nature's survivors of them one can say
Rabbits are creatures one does see every day

So Many Good Writers

So many good writers in the World of today
Who can only get their work published if for it they do pay
In a fair literary World it would not be this way
Perhaps it is not what you know but who you know as some do say
Why so many good writers as almost unknown do remain
Does seem to say the least rather hard to explain
Their work being rejected by book publishers not good for their self esteem
Success to achieve in the Literary World not at all easy it does seem
So many good unpublished writers over the decades in numbers have grown
And sadly for them they will die as the literary unknown
For many good writers in writing no money or fame
At their disappointment at their lack of success them one can hardly blame
Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
In writing as in most things for one to win big many have to lose

Summer By Mushera

In the high country by Mushera the sweet scent of hay
Wafting in the breeze on this bright Summer's day
And above the high fields in the blue and sunny sky
On pursuit of flying insects the dark swallows fly

Where the high and narrow Butter Road ever winds up and down
Five to six kilometers above Millstreet Town
Along by the foothills of Musherawith views far and wide
Dipping down towards Rylane in the flat countryside

The beauty come to me when i visualize
Of the high countryside above Millstreet where beauty meets the eyes
Where Mushera the old hill the high countryside survey
The memory of such beauty does not die in a day

In the woods of Mushera in the Summer of the year
The cooing of the wood pigeons pleasant to hear
A memory to cherish and for to retain
And in times of reflection to visit again.

Friday, August 16, 2019

End Of Life Plan

Though i am quite close to being an old man
I do not have like some do for myself an end of life plan
If i am buried or cremated will not bother me on any way
That the dead are past all feelings only true for to say
Post bodily death i will return to Nature as all eventually do
And just the same for all creatures as for me and for you
Those who talk of an immortal human being believe their own lie
Since we are born as mortals and all mortals are born to die
Time on all of our lives keeps ticking away
Feel happy to wake to greet every new day
Your best end of life plan is to live for as long as you can
And die without pain as a very old woman or man
Cannot say i care much what happens to my remains when i have drawn my last living breath
Since like all of the deceased my life's journey will have ended in death.