Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Hero Of Mushera

He was the great hero of Mushera the All Ireland two mile hurdle champion of nineteen hundred and ten
I knew him when i was a youngster he was showing the wear of time then
He did not have to boast of his achievements his great record did say it all
When Duhallow old timers talked of famous athletes Paddy Keeffe's name was one they did recall

In two mile hurdles in his prime in Ireland he was the number one athlete
But he never went to the Olympics Ireland then as a team did not compete
He was then the best athlete in the Country as a mountain hare quite as fleet
And he was more than the pride of his Townland in the high country above Millstreet

Before Duhallow's dual Olympic Gold Medallist Pat O Callaghan was born Paddy Keeffe was in his glorious prime
In the early years of the twentieth century and that is going way back in time
Of those who saw him compete in his best years perhaps none is living today
Time it does take care of the greatest and it never stops ticking away

As a young athlete never found to be wanting he proved himself when put to the test
An All Ireland two mile hurdle champion he remains as Mushera's best
I knew him when i was a youngster his hair it was as white as snow
He must have been quite close to eighty the years had left him walking slow.

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