Monday, November 15, 2010

The Greatest Of Them All

Many refer to themselves as poet that's a distinguished title though their words on them have a use by date
There are many writers in the World millions though few the masses wish to celebrate
As for me i'm just another simple rhymer 'tis easy very easy to pen rhyme
I penned my first rhymes at the age of twenty seven and that is going back more than three decades in time

Still inspiration never seems to leave me though my worth as a rhymer i do doubt
'Tis true from life we never do stop learning and always something for to write about
The beauty of Nature is all around me and everywhere i turn to look i see
The wonders of our Earth Mother's creations she re-invents herself eternally

There is no greater Earthly force than Nature she is the World's only super power
The one with the strength to flatten the greatest human buildings creates lovely things of beauty like a flower
Us humans live for awhile she lives forever her ocean waters ever lapping on the shore
We are born to die like all of her life forms but Nature she lives on forever more.

There are many self proclaimed writers in the World and many self proclaimed artists as well
As for me i'm just an ordinary rhymer though i too have my own stories for to tell
And like many i do live in awe of Nature of all of the greats the greatest of them all
She re-invents herself and lives forever and for all of us there is a final Fall.

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