Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lost Innocence

I wish i could have retained my childhood innocence i had lost it long before i reached my prime
It was indeed a thing of inner beauty i have only only grown more cynical with time
As we do age we do garner more knowledge but every thing in life comes at a cost
And from us something beautiful has gone forever that is how it is when our innocence we've lost
In children's eyes the World's a place of wonder what's marvellous to them seems ordinary to you and me
They marvel at what to adults seem quite boring to us they look at things so differently
As we did age we lost our childhood innocence on looking back our young years went too fast
And we lost a special gift a thing of beauty all that remain are memories of the past
The clock ticks on we age with every Season on looking back the years just seemed to fly
Our innocence has gone from us forever and some grow more cynical as time goes by
I wish i could have retained childhood innocence but such a gift with us does not remain
Our expectations of life to children very different our lost innocence we never can regain
I feel nostalgic for my long lost innocence when i hear children laughing at their play
But the past has gone and time keeps ever ticking and only the memories of lost innocence with us stay.

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