Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Millionaire's Daughter

She is loved and admired by her mum and her dad
Despite this the millionaire's daughter does often feel bad
About her appearance as she fights to keep the kilos down
She is not the prettiest girl in the town

Sometimes she does go on a weight reducing diet
Till to hunger pains she gives in to her big appetite
And the few kilos she has lost she puts back on again
Body appearance to most women gives rise to mental pain.

With a good career job and a huge take home pay
Financially for herself she is doing quite okay
But she is not happy despite all of this
Despite money's advantages it cannot buy happiness

In the prime of her life she has just turned twenty three
But in her mirror she never does like what she see
The only child of wealthy parents with a career of her own
But due to weight problems unhappiness she has only known

Of the praises of money you hear people sing
And though money is quite important it cannot buy everything
With that the millionaire's daughter would surely agree
Everytime she looks in her mirror she does not like what she see.

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