Sunday, November 14, 2010

Most Poor People

Most poor people not poor of their own making in life they've never really had a chance
It would seem the gods of luck are all against them they were born to be victims of circumstance
Born in the poor suburbs of the big towns and cities and born in war zones children of Earthly Hell
The few of them who get to tell their stories do have the saddest stories for to tell
Of homelessness, hunger and disappointment on the poor streets of the poor side of the town
The only thing they have left are their daydreams their fading hopes of riches and renown
The people you never see at the races they cannot even afford op shop clothes
You never see them in expensive restaurants the lives they live are not the lives they chose
The people born in war zones and drought ravaged Countries the Stateless and the homeless refugees
Their poor diet and exposure to the elements leave them weak and vulnerable to disease
I feel for them in their poor lives of hardship they surely do know of real poverty
Compared to them i do feel very lucky the gods have been so much kinder to me
Most poor people are born of poor parents that poverty breeds poverty seems sad to say
In a fair Human World things would be so much different people would not have to live in such a way.

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