Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Person's Ground

It is a long drive from here to anywhere
Through the brown unfenced outback of the big country out there
Where the highway eventually becomes a dirt track
You need an all wheel drive to travel in the Outback
Through the big semi desert country of wombat and roo
Of emu, galah, echidna and white cockatoo
Where introduced feral creatures such as goat, pig, deer,donkey and camel and brumby abound
In a wild land referred to by some as 'no person's ground'
A four hour drive from here to the nearest small town
Through a sparsely treed flat landscape rugged looking and brown
Burnt from Summer sun of often forty degrees
With the heat of a furnace in the Outback breeze
Good luck on your journey hope your car doesn't break down
'Tis at least a four hour drive from here to the next town.

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