Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noel Healy

Noel was one of the Curracahill Healys born and raised near the old Town of Millstreet
He was a nice and quiet and gentle fellow and always quite a pleasure for to meet
In Millstreet earth his remains at rest forever for all of us there is a final Fall
But in the thoughts of those who knew him he will live on as a person who is worthy of recall
Noel Healy never yearned for Earthly glory he lived his life in his unassuming way
'Twould be a better World to live in if everyone were like him of him that would seem a fair thing to say
At others expense he never sought advantage with life's small blessings he was satisfied
He will be missed by friends and family and relations and from Millstreet Town and Millstreet countryside
He did not live on to a very old age in the flesh in Curracahill never more to be seen
But in the minds of those who loved and knew him memories of him will remain as evergreen
Though life goes on the past we do remember and memories of good people readily come to mind
And Noel Healy surely was a decent person in our Human World we need more of his kind
It can be said of him he was a good man in his life he never harmed anyone
A credit to his mother and his father in him they surely did raise a good son.

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