Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rock And Roll In Millstreet

We are told that the now is all that matters though on memory lane i often take a stroll
The moment has me in the Town of Millstreet back in the heady days of rock and roll
It was a time of change the nineteen fifties Bill Haley had them rocking round the clock
The new dance craze was spreading in the World and young people to it everywhere did flock

At a dance in the famous Star Ballroom rock and roll was introduced to Millstreet Town
By two young locals Jim Cashman and Fiona Hickey they did enjoy their moment of renown
It was i believe an impromptu performance of a new dance craze started on a distant shore
During a quick step tune the young dance goers of Millstreet witnessed something they had never seen before.

The other dancers stopped to watch Jim and Fiona as they jived and danced around the ballroom floor
The new dance craze had made it's way to Millstreet they ended their performance to a huge encore
I was too young then for to go to dances though of what others told me of it i do know
That the lad from Tullig and the girl from Liscreagh of rock and roll did put on a great show.

On looking back the years did go so quickly and fleeting indeed is the human prime
Since then there has been so many dance crazes and few things ever stay the same in time
No dances now held in the famed Star Ballroom and those who danced there showing their years in gray
But i retain the memories of old stories of years ago from places far away

A story i remember from the fifties of music and dance two of the foods of the soul
When the young Jim Cashman and Fiona Hickey showed Millstreet dancers how to rock and roll
'Tis true enough the now is all that matters though in memory we are linked to the past
And we ought to feel grateful for our gift of memory for as long as such a gift with us does last.

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