Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Cocky Young Dude

Chewing gum as he talk he does seem a bit rude
Fresh out of suburbia the cocky young dude
Of the skinhead look his head is shaved bare
In the rural coastal town his type one might say rare

He arrived on his own on his motor-bike for a long weekend surfing holiday
And he hopes to make the most of his caravan park tenting stay
By putting his well practiced tongue to good use
At the pub one of the local young women he hopes to seduce

His gift of the gab most women fail to impress
Though sometimes he happens to meet with success
Either way to his mates in suburbia he will tell
How at surfing and with women at the weekend he did well

In the seaside town lasting friendships he will not win
He knows in such a place that he does not fit in
He only came for the surfing as he likes to do his own thing
And enjoy a few beers and hopefully have a sexual fling.

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