Monday, February 6, 2012

The Diamond Sisters

Do not know how their name of The Diamond Sisters came about
Though of their great talent there is not a doubt
Despite this two attractive women untainted by conceit
Peter Moynihan's daughters The Pride of Millstreet

The famed Diamond Sisters are known far and wide
Beyond the border of Duhallow's green old countryside
Wherever they perform joy with them they bring
And no shortage of fans where The Diamonds do sing

Amongst Duhallow entertainers well famed and well known
One can say of them in a class of their own
From Aubane's high country above Millstreet Town
Their's has become far more than local renown

Some two decades back maybe closer to three
As youngsters with their siblings and parents them i often did see
I little thought then such fame they would know
It is out of little things great things do grow

Go ahead Diamond Sisters and sing one more song
And with you from afar i will sing along
The decades of memory for me you do span
And in me you do have a far away fan.

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