Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Grumblies

The day sunny and pleasant last night it did rain
But Jim is not happy he still does complain
That his tomato plants are not going well at all
His worries are many though his problems seem small

Financially for himself he is doing okay
Last week his boss gave him a huge raise in pay
But with his extra good income he is not satisfied
And his sense of disappointment he does not try to hide

His wife Kate a secondary school teacher financially doing well
But to Jim she has a similar story to tell
Always talking with the poor mouth much always wants more
You may say to that we have heard it before

Their only offspring their twenty years old daughter Irene
In quite classy company one often seen
Not dependent on mum and dad in any way
She works in a good job and has bought her own home doing quite well one might say

They own their own home and they drive their own cars the Grumblies Kate and Jim
But when it comes to grumbling she holds her own with him
Their worries are many but their problems seem small
And they never seem to be happy at all.

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