Monday, February 6, 2012

The Meenkeel Gipsies

As beautiful belly dancers they carve their own renown
In South West Victoria they have danced in every village and town
The famed Meenkeel Gipsies well loved and well known
In Koroit they feel proud to claim them for their own

Led by Tracy, Sharon and Alish the marvellous three
To watch them perform is rare beauty to see
So graceful and classy and light on their feet
Just beautiful dancers and free of conceit

In South West Victoria their fans in numbers do grow
Wherever they do dance they put on a great show
At the end of their performance for them a huge encore
Of loud clapping and whistling and pleads of dance one more

The Pride of Koroit in Victoria's South West
The Meenkeel Gipsies do always perfom at their best
Not surprising at all they are held in high esteem
As they are indeed bellydancers supreme.

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